Death Isn’t Beautiful (Its Byproduct Is): Damien Paxton’s Death


Death is not beautiful.

To endure suffering isn’t magnificent not glorious. To watch someone who you love deeply suffer as their hands writhe with pain, their back twists with convulsions, their heart speeds and then slows to a dizzying pace that mimics a Nascar racer moments before a fiery crash… Continue reading


An Open Letter To Matt Walsh

Dear Matt Walsh,

I pity you.

Wait, that’s a lie. I’m unable to have even a microscopic amount of pity for an insensitive, arrogant, pompous, judgmental, cantankerous charlatan who attempts to “moralize” everything into a black and white issue with that familiar “I have a monopoly on God and I am THE word” quality.

Basically, Mr. Walsh, you are proof that the internet is riddled with awful human beings (yourself) with awful opinions (yourself).



A compassionate, empathetic, sensitive, inclusive heathen.