God Prefers A Kind Atheist Over A Hateful Christian


I’ve been navigating my own spiritual path for most of my life here on earth, but this past year, I have been navigating through the turbulence of Fundamentalism and the calm waters of progressive Christianity. 

But still in the back of my mind, I often wonder and question myself if I’m just merely talking about following Jesus? Am I really being proactive in crucifying myself everyday to Jesus Christ and The Father!? Isn’t there more I could do to walk with Jesus? How can I utilize and harness the Prince of Peace to make myself a more effective vessel…

The answer to all the aforementioned questions above is, ‘yes’.

I do, at times, just talk about Jesus — I’m so enthralled about this idea of ONE MAN who changed the world. He was radical. A revolutionary. Even for those that don’t believe in the Christian God, or a god, sometimes, they sit back and wonder about Jesus. Jesus was, is, and will always be amazing.

But in this world, where secular media thrives from outlandish stories of Christian extremists, it’s sometimes hard to gain a clear perspective. It’s difficult to look past the heaps of religious manure; it’s horrifying to gaze past the atrocity and idiocies of these misplaced religious ideals and start focusing on how we are changing the world for the better — like Jesus.

God prefers a kind Atheist over a hateful Christian. 

Those Atheists, in their compassion and love, are giving to the poor, helping the needy, picking up the ostracized and being a proactive force for human equality. On the other hand, those hateful Christians are picketing gay marriages, gay parades, funerals, and bullying other Christians into submission — not very Jesus-like is it?

Don’t confuse my criticism of ungodly actions with dictating someone’s spiritual journey – they are not mutually exclusive. That being said, I feel as though God wants us to correct those, in love. He wants those of us that understand His love is inclusive, not exclusive – and lovingly chastise those that perpetuate Him as a vengeful entity.

Call of action: let’s do better. Let’s follow Jesus better.

Let’s love one another better.

Let’s stand up for the little guy better.

Let’s feed the poor better.

Let’s drop the whole “Christians are being persecuted in America” schtick, After all, 78.4% are Christian in the U.S., soooooo……..

Let’s do fearless better.

Most of all, let’s worship God better by doing less of ourselves, and more of the selves surrounding us.

Let’s love our Jewish neighbors better.

Let’s love our Atheist neighbors better.

Let’s love our Homeless neighbors better.

Let’s love our Muslim neighbors better.

Let’s love our addicted neighbor better.

God enshrined all of us with this natural ability to think less of our own needs, and serve others.

Let’s start doing it.


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