Communing With God On Vacation: Sinks Canyon; Wyoming (Photos)


Panoramic view of the runoff to the tavern

I’ve been privileged enough to have the ability (thanks to my husband) to go on a vacation for a week (still ongoing) with the entire family whilst spending it with family. It’s nice to get away from the incessant hustle of the city, and take a step back while enjoying God in Her/His natural habitat that is nature.  Continue reading


Tears From Yesterday: When Bad Memories Surface

Monday morning I woke up to light frost on my muddy brown front lawn; I woke up to Zachary shining a light in my face; I woke up to Scottie Puppen sprawled out against my body — something I’ve learned about Scottie when he does this, he already has sensed my emotional upheaval.  Continue reading


Dear Women of Faith, Don’t Allow Men of Faith Dull Your Spirit; Silence Your Voice


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you already know my fighting battle with misogynistic men in and out of the church; you may have realized that a horrific church experience tried – and for a while there, in fact, did – silence my voice.

My empowered voice as a woman of faith.  Continue reading


Embracing Your Inner Jesus, Letting Go Of Justifications



Despite my best efforts, I still have flashbacks of that terrifying night, in which, I was raped by someone I was familiar with. I still have moments, where I can smell the Jack Beam mixed with Budweiser on his breath. I have moments where I can feel his rough, calloused hands squeezing tighter on my wrists. I still have horrid recollections of the smells, sounds, and circumstances of that appalling night.  Continue reading


God Prefers A Kind Atheist Over A Hateful Christian


I’ve been navigating my own spiritual path for most of my life here on earth, but this past year, I have been navigating through the turbulence of Fundamentalism and the calm waters of progressive Christianity.  Continue reading


“I Love The Person I’ve Become, Because I Fought To Become Her”



Life is, indeed, funny and unexpected.

Think about it, when I was a little girl, I didn’t dream of failed suicide attempts, having a pill addiction, nor having a few eating disorders. Those things were life rearing its, sometimes, impulsive head at me, and other times, it was life unveiling the beauty behind her aged mask to showcase that every action, has an equal and opposite, reaction.  Continue reading