Death Isn’t Beautiful (Its Byproduct Is): Damien Paxton’s Death


Death is not beautiful.

To endure suffering isn’t magnificent not glorious. To watch someone who you love deeply suffer as their hands writhe with pain, their back twists with convulsions, their heart speeds and then slows to a dizzying pace that mimics a Nascar racer moments before a fiery crash… Continue reading


The Ugly Head Of Cattiness In Feminism

It’s no secret that I have always had a closer connection with men in my life than women, yet that’s not to say, I haven’t had positive and uplifting female influences in my life. Over the course of my 33 years of existence and the minuscule life experiences I have collected, I have had a stronger connection with more men than I have with women. I would dare to say, I’ve only reached out to form strong women-to-women relationships over the past year because I want to face my own undertones of cattiness with my gender.  Continue reading