Being A Woman Among Men: What Covering The NBA Taught Me About Myself

I’m sitting on a patio in Denver Metro this beautiful (and HOT!!!) Wednesday morning with my youngest son who is gobbling down a fresh pastry the way he has enthusiastically ingested the 2014 NBA Finals this season. He asks unrelenting questions about everything that is the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs, the “guy with the weird hair” (Kwahi Leonard), the “guy with the bald spot” (Manu Ginobili), and of course, his favorite, Birdman (Chris Andersen). In his inquisitiveness, I find myself reminiscing and reliving my long, yet short, three-and-some years covering the NBA and I’m surprised how at peace I am with it all.  Continue reading


#YesAllWomen: The Length Of My Skirt Doesn’t Justify Your Rape Attempt


Over the past week, after last week’s mass shooting which targeted women, a beautiful hashtag, #YesAllWomen, was shared over one million times on social media from women all across this world as they shared their personal experiences with acts of misogyny, rape, harassment, and fear of sexual, physical, and emotional assault as a motion of solidarity. The entire point of this social media activism was to show that nearly all women have been affected – in one way or another – by this perverse problem that is further assaulting women and continues to marginalize them as human beings.  Continue reading

Dealing With Christian (Religious) Zealots


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a zealot as a person who has very strong feelings about something and who wants other people to have those exact feelings, otherwise known as a fanatic, militant, and the rather fitting synonym of “true believer.” Many fractions of religious folks can be defined as being stingy zealots, and among these groups, fundamentalists of ANY outfit surface in my head. For the purpose of my personal opinion, my focus are religious fundamentalist zealots, but especially Christian zealots.  Continue reading