Days 46-50: I love you, Ellen Page

You have to forgive me for my inconsistent postings over the past 10 days as I have been bogged down with a terrible cold coupled with my laptop, Barkley, taking a crap and I sprained my right knee on Valentine’s Day. Continue reading


Days 39-42 – Athiests: God’s Quality Control Department

The definition of ‘quality control’ is a procedural system of maintaining standards in a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria that meets the requirements as set forth by the client, customer, and/or creator. Continue reading

Days 31-34: Who Do You Judge?

Woke up on Wednesday to a beat of an nonrhythmic drum.

My hair in a upheavel state, ready for a clean day.

My son’s rosy cheeks, warm little hands nestled near my bosom.

What will God teach me today, I pray, in a low whisper.

My son moves almost instantaneously feeling my prayer.

What will God teach me today, I pray, in a low whisper.



My judgments. Your judgments. Our judgments. Never accepting our judging.

Judging is all around us – it sweeps us in with mutual comparisons.

It whispers like a bitter lover in our ear, “You’re better than her.”

“You LOOK better. You WRITE better. You SPEAK better than him.”

“Your ass is thicker. Your tummy is flatter than her rotund shape.”

But we DON’T judge. No judgments here. Hey, I don’t judge.


She is an unfit mother. She tells the world her son is gay. Maybe.

Nope, we do not judge. We’re righteous. We live by God’s Word.

“My smile is better than hers. Why’d she get the job? She blows.”

No judgments here, though. Just free-flowing opinions. No judgments here.

Did I upset you? Strike a nerve? Rattle your hypocritical bitter bones?

We judge. You’re judging me now. And I’m judging you….to be better.

To realize our own fallacies and debaucheries.

To reflect on our own mistakes, flaws, and characteristic dependencies.

To understand humans are humans, but lets act HUMANELY towards one another.


I’m not proficient in iambic pentameter.

But I’ll expose your limited judgmental perimeters.

Shine God’s light on our own dark shadows to be the world’s

personal judge and jury.

Love hath no fury like a woman scorned — or a man — or a child.

No judgments though. Our spirits are stellar – like a shining star.


We don’t judge when loved ones wrong us – pigeonhole us – leave us

like dust….

Bitter, black, angry dust that fuels judgment on judgment on judgment.

But we don;t like to be judged, and we don’t judge, but….

“That girl totally deserved being raped — she dressed like a whore.”

But we don’t judge – we don’t allow ourselves to be glorified.


Somehow, amid the putrid judgments of non-judgmental people —

the rape victim feels your steamy glances of self-righteousness and

wears the crown of a whore and in her heart forgives you like….

God forgives you because in every publicly condemned being lies the









— LOVE —

that we find in Jesus.


I’m not berating you, my sweet, I want the best for you.

Says God.

I want you to self-examine yourself and not judge others.

Their trials, victimizations,  public realizations, motivations aren’t your concern


Says God.

Instead be their escape, their fire escape, as they lurch to safety.

Be their electric blanket when they search for oil and a lantern.

Be their warmth – perhaps their only warmth –


seek them rather than wanting to be sought.


Forgot all the irrelevancies in your life –

mounting bills

late-night thrills

new 18-inch wheels.





Won’t matter when you’re in ….


Use your imagination. Use your ambitions to aid.

Use your life lessons; the way you feel tethered to something greater today.

Be a spiritual maven – be that safe haven to someone who needs your aid.

Absolve that passion for hypocrisy and stop being a mockery to your faith.

Be an imperfect perfection and give a hurt soul

A soft, tender kiss with your encouragements and soul nourishment.


Who am I to judge you? Who is anyone to judge?

But you judged me. Exponentially. Literally. And Figuratively.

You’ve forgotten suddenly?

Perhaps, you’ll remember me with my clothes askew…

Skirt hiked up, bruises from his hand, lipstick smeared…

My eyes appeared weird as I had stands of his beard…

in my grasp, no going back, I was physically hijacked.

Still no cerebral recollection?

Ahh, I forgot one thing.

A crown of thorns, I did – and – do adorn.

Emblazoned with one word: “WHORE”

But, you don’t judge, though…..

365 Days of Impossible: Days 20-23 – Healthy Food Porn, Energy Ball Recipe, & What We Can Learn From Cops Reloaded

First things first, I want to thank God for directing me to knowledgeable people in the dietary realm that have far more expertise than pseudo workout herculeans on the boob tube. I want to thank Him for leading me to a dietary rebel who has been my inspiration and guiding light in my clean eating venture. It has given me the confidence to embark in the incredible journey while sustaining on this earth another day to allow myself to become a better and more effective vessel of His.  Continue reading