HI! I’m Tammy, owner of 365 Days of Impossible. I live in Denver Metro with my supportive husband, Steven, and our four gifted children: Kenneth (13), Andrew (11), Alicia (9), and Zachary (8).  I’m beginning a blog that will document my year-long journey of defying expectations I – as well as the world – has placed on me as an empowered, opinionated woman of faith that’s not mutually exclusive with any particular religion.

I look forward to learning more about myself and encourage to learn something about my readers in the process.

Contact Me: hisgoddesss at gmail dot com

Together, we will all experience 365 Days of Impossible.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tammy! I’m so impressed by your blog and your stories! Someone in my family posted one of your blogs on my facebook page to read. My name is April (Graves) Williams, I’m 33 and I went to Angola Middle School in 7th & 8th grade before I moved. I’m not sure if we knew each other, but I want you to know you were never alone. I, myself, pretty much felt like an outcast there from time to time. We should talk more. Look me up. 😉

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