My Favorite Things in October

I thought it would be fun to start making a list of items that I am loving every month from television to blogs to, well, anything.




When the promo was going on for this show, I was unsure I would like it, but man I am HOOKED. Surprisingly, my favorite character is Oswald Cobblepot also known as Penguin — before this series, I just found Penguin, the character, to be boring. I am have been pleasantly surprised at the development of his personality on the show. You_Won_t_Believe_What_John_Rocker_Said_to_Female_Contestant


I am a SURVIVOR junkie, as is my family, but this season has really surprised me with interesting characters such as John Rocker (GAG!) and the intellectual (kidding) that is Drew.

Young the Giant 

My husband loves this artist, and this song, Mind Over Matter, is simply BRILLIANT. I am a closet FAN!! I love this song sooooo soooo soooo much.

Walking Dead


Lizzy the Lezzy 


One of my FAVORITE Facebook pages, by far.

CuteGirlHairstyles Youtube Channel

I’ve been doing these BEAUTIFUL (and intricate) braids on Alicia, and this is where I watch some of the best tutorials.

Rachel Held Evans

I’m in LOVE with Rachel even if I don’t self-identify with Christianity any longer. She is an ally for progressive thinking and that’s always a win-win in my book.






And this is absolutely my favorite thing EVER:



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