An Open Letter To Matt Walsh

Dear Matt Walsh,

I pity you.

Wait, that’s a lie. I’m unable to have even a microscopic amount of pity for an insensitive, arrogant, pompous, judgmental, cantankerous charlatan who attempts to “moralize” everything into a black and white issue with that familiar “I have a monopoly on God and I am THE word” quality.

Basically, Mr. Walsh, you are proof that the internet is riddled with awful human beings (yourself) with awful opinions (yourself).



A compassionate, empathetic, sensitive, inclusive heathen.


One thought on “An Open Letter To Matt Walsh

  1. I have to tell you, this is exactly how I believe sometimes.

    There are times when I would just like to sit down and break bread with a prostitute, a whore in the eyes of men, who has repented and trusted in Christ alone for salvation and hear her journey of the love of Jesus………than the average pew sitter who is self righteous in his or her own eyes, so proud and boasting of the wonderful works of themselves, with the precious Name of Jesus never uttered from their lips.

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