What Happens When You Follow Jesus and He Leads You Out of Evangelicalism?

I found this piece resonated deeply within me, especially the parts of me that reflect on my former religious walk with Evangelicalism. I think many people, even those that don’t self-identify as ‘Christian’ anymore, can benefit from this great post.

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I guess it’s time to “come out”: I don’t identify as an Evangelical anymore.

That’s hard to write and put down in words, considering that I’ve grown up in the evangelical church and worked in evangelical ministries and churches for my entire adult life, but it’s something that I’ve been feeling and thinking for awhile now. I think it really crystallized during the whole World Vision debacle earlier this year, when thousands of Christians (primarily those who identify as evangelicals) dropped sponsorship of over 10,000 kids in poverty because they didn’t agree with a policy change that would’ve recognized the rights of Christian employees who were in gay marriages. I stayed away from blogging and engaging the issue on social media due to my penchant for getting in over my head in online debates and, honestly, because I wasn’t ready to come out as an ally of the LGBTQ community…

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The Ugly Head Of Cattiness In Feminism

It’s no secret that I have always had a closer connection with men in my life than women, yet that’s not to say, I haven’t had positive and uplifting female influences in my life. Over the course of my 33 years of existence and the minuscule life experiences I have collected, I have had a stronger connection with more men than I have with women. I would dare to say, I’ve only reached out to form strong women-to-women relationships over the past year because I want to face my own undertones of cattiness with my gender.  Continue reading

Being A Woman Among Men: What Covering The NBA Taught Me About Myself

I’m sitting on a patio in Denver Metro this beautiful (and HOT!!!) Wednesday morning with my youngest son who is gobbling down a fresh pastry the way he has enthusiastically ingested the 2014 NBA Finals this season. He asks unrelenting questions about everything that is the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs, the “guy with the weird hair” (Kwahi Leonard), the “guy with the bald spot” (Manu Ginobili), and of course, his favorite, Birdman (Chris Andersen). In his inquisitiveness, I find myself reminiscing and reliving my long, yet short, three-and-some years covering the NBA and I’m surprised how at peace I am with it all.  Continue reading

They’re Everywhere!!

I’m flummoxed at how AWFUL this logic is, and probably more by his horrible utilization of grammar and application of better biblical laws such as “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Apparently, we’re not ladies if we show a little knee and with that rape culture continues to be perpetuated.

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They’re Everywhere!!

They never used to be seen in Pentecostal Churches, but they are now. If they were ever seen in church in the old days, an embarrassed apology was made. But not any more!

Now, they come to many church and do not mind being obvious about showing up. They seem to enjoy the attention they attract, too.

Some of the time they come to church and no one notices them when they walk in, after they finally sit down. Then it’s like, they say Boo! and get your attention. They sure know how to catch folks off guard.

How times have changed!

I remember them never being seen in church anywhere years ago. But now, they’ve evidently got religion and so they come to almost every service.

In the old days, someone would try to help them hide from if they came, and make sure they stayed out…

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