Systemic Sexism In One Drawing (Photo)

I saw this photo on Imgur and the person who originally created it posted it on Tumblr, and I thought to myself, “YES! This! ALL OF THIS!!!”  

First, women KNOW that not ALL MEN are abusive, mentally deranged, misogynistic, potential rapists, however, when men continue to perpetuate THEIR power when a hashtag like #YesAllWomen happens in insisting they are “nice guys” they are PART of the societal construct of the patriarch culture that continues to see women as a lesser than gender.

There isn’t such a thing as a “nice” guy or gal, and in fact, the whole “NICE” word is something used by men (and women) to further their ego-centric motives as they claim they “deserve” something, when in fact, they deserve nothing. The word “nice” is something that closet assholes use to make themselves appear “respectful” and “compassionate” when really all they’re just self-entitled jerks who think women (and men) “owe them”  either a date, a one-night stand, or something more. 

Second, the best analogy is this: Imagine a bowl of M&M’s represents the male population and 10% of those M&M’s are poisonous and represent the aforementioned men, how safe would you be in grabbing a handful and eating them?

Third, I know it’s terrifically hard for men to loosen the reigns of power and watch women join forces in such a public way, but rather than say “Not all men are like that” acknowledge that it’s possible EVERY, SINGLE woman you know has been affected by rape, fear mongering, abuse, harassment, and misogyny and join forces with them.

Stop perpetuating the “nice guy” myth, and just be a guy helping feminism one step at a time.

That’s all we, women, really desire — men acknowledging that we DO, indeed, live in a patriarch social construct and help tear that son of a bitch down.


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