What Did Jesus Really Mean With, “I Am the Truth?”

Art by - Tammy Pyron

Whether you believe Jesus of Nazareth was divine or just an incredible revolutionary, doesn’t matter because I would wager that you still have some sort of belief that Jesus of Nazareth was an incredible human being even if he was just something created.

Let me address a few issues before I begin so I can set up my narrative for this post:

1.) I do NOT hold my identity as a ‘Christian’ any longer; that said, I do believe in God and Jesus, just not the way man-made dogma insists I SHOULD believe in S/He and Jesus.

2.) I believe Jesus, to be my rabbi versus my “lord and savior’ — He didn’t die for my “sins” but rather died because he was this incredible man who was a ginormous threat to Roman authority.

3.) I believe Jesus to be divine — but not in the way the common church dictates. He wasn’t sent to this blessed earth to die for my “sins” because “sins” don’t define us — it’s a man-made construct to cause divisions, brokeness, and fear. If we are made in God’s image, why would S/He create something to be fearful? To be “broken?” To be less than, when S/He created us to be greater than?

4.) God is far more than what religiosity says S/He is. S/He is not an angry God; S/He is not a fearful entity; S/He is not something that Christianity owns; and last, but surely not least, S/He is not something that only the brick-and-mortar church can celebrate. In fact, God is everywhere and within us at our very conception and desires us  that we seek our own truth — and in that self-realization moment, God is pleased beyond measure.

Everything we need, isn’t IN false and misplaced theology; it isn’t in a $5 million church; it isn’t in Joel Osteen or Rick Warren; anything we need, S/He has already equipped us with in our very spirit — our own truth.

Okay, so what did Jesus REALLY mean with, “I Am the Truth.” (John 14:6)

Truth is defined as a belief, a proposition, or a description that corresponds to reality. It’s anything that is mutually exclusive with reality; “I am a female” – this is truth; I have female parts in this reality — in this NOW — even if folks think I act rather “man-ish” the TRUTH is, I am a female.

I am sure we’ve all heard the fundamentalist, basic, commonplace interpretation of “I Am the Truth” which is a watered-down version of “Jesus mean He is the savior; the light of this world; follow Him or you are doomed to an eternal lake of fire.” or “You HAVE to believe in Him to be saved and that’s what He meant.” or “Jesus was saying he was the ultimate reality — nothing exists without Him.”

I’m not going to get into a theological argument, but there is no physical evidence that “Jesus was the ultimate reality” it’s all based on faith. Oh. And the fear, the brick-and-mortar church perpetuates that we all “need saving.”

The truth is (pun intended) Jesus was speaking in a way that resonates with our own inner truth. He wasn’t, I believe, indicating He is the ONLY way, but rather, attempting to convey we have the TRUTH already instilled within out spirit. I don’t have to SEEK truth, except for to seek it within me.

Folks stuck in religiosity have, do, and will always sputter that when Jesus said, “I Am the Truth” he really meant, “I Am God.” I don’t know about you, but when I hear this I want to projectile vomit; not because it *may* be true, but those stuck in religiosity are so fearful of religious independence. In fact, it scares them. It’s as if their *only* identity is with this flawed Christianity, and nothing else matters — so if they were to believe that Jesus wasn’t God, well, in short, it would shatter their lives.

Basically, maintaining that we are “broken, maligned, horrible human beings without Jesus” … the incessant, “we need saved” mentality.

However, I do not need to be saved from an invisible sin; I do, though, need to save myself from false, fearful, and hateful indoctrinations.

This is my belief in what Jesus meant.

We are our own truths. 

We have whatever we need – from God – already deep within our spirits. Peel back our mental indoctrination, our emotional upheaval, our physical disbarment, and our spiritual abuse, we will find our very own truth.

Jesus was a revolutionary — the most instrumental mentor this planet has ever seen, and in doing so, Jesus was begging for his disciples — the multitudes — to see that they needn’t be like the Pharisee to receive any “truth” but that truth was in the very essence of their spirit.

They — We — are our own truth.

Like an onion, it will take peeling back the layers to experience that small bulb of truth, but it will happen, and when it does? The understanding of our own truth will persevere.

God isn’t fear.

God isn’t manipulative.

God isn’t arrogant.

God isn’t vindictive.

God isn’t abusive.

God isn’t sexist.

God isn’t hateful.

God isn’t a bigot.

God is all-encompassing.

You ARE your OWN truth.


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