An Open Letter To My Daughter: You’re Beautiful, But Not For What You Think

Happy Birthday, Alicia. On this day, 10 years ago, I spent nearly a day in labor, on the verge of an emergency c-section, waiting on your arrival. Just like in your natural state, you finally decided to make your grand entrance; the moment I held your sweetness in my young arms, I saw a beauty that couldn’t be translated accurately in the English language.

April Alicia Mae, you’re beautiful, but not for what you think.

It’s true, you are aesthetically pleasing – a traditional beauty with your hair that resembles the color of a sunflower and texture of the silk that lines husks of corn. Your eyes are colored like the richest sapphire, and your skin is the perfect shade of cream that never burns.

So, yes, Alicia, you are beautiful. You get told you are beautiful by your peers, teachers, and well-meaning souls.

But, some day, that beauty will fade, you know what will remain? Your remarkable beauty – the one I’m speaking of – isn’t one that is on the outside of your skin. It doesn’t have a name brand label, nor can you go to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to achieve it. Oh no, my courageous daughter, your beauty is far deeper than what the naked eye can see.

You may not realize now, at 10 years old, but it’s my hope (and wish) that one day you’ll see what an impressive beauty you have.

Are you confused? That’s okay, Alicia, I will explain it and one day, I’m sure you’ll understand.

The way you gently push your hair behind your pink ears as you study ferociously when trying to examine something — as if you are trying to hide your unique intelligence -as you determine if something is faulty or true.

That’s your beauty.

The way you take your little brother, Zachary, underneath your wing and tenderly brush his cornflower hair before church and that look of devoted love.

That’s your beauty.

The way you lay in your bed, sing from the deepest part of your soul — as if you are a singing a prayer to God — laying all of your hurt, pain, stress, and adoration out for S/He.

That’s your beauty.

The way you inquisitively prod me about your birthday — with such eloquent persistence.

That’s your beauty.

Your fearlessness when attacking the new.

That’s your beauty.

Not accepting normalcy.

That’s your beauty.

Even when you come home, frustrated, tears welling up in your eyes over a silly boy calling you “ugly” – there’s so much beauty in  your ease of heart and emotions, Alicia.

It may take you 10 years or maybe 20 years, but you will realize the word “beauty” isn’t what is on your physical being, but on your spiritual being, your actions, your words.

That’s where your beauty lays, April Alicia Mae.

People are cruel, but even more people will uplift and inspire you, Alicia.

You are one of those people, it’s still raw and untapped in you, but you have the power to change this world for the better. You have the power to inspire legions of insecure and afraid young women.

You are the change this world seeks.

People will call you names. They may call you ‘ugly’, ‘stupid’, ‘fat’, and the popular, ‘you are just a girl’ but those words will never define you.

You know what defines you? YOU define YOU!

You are my daughter.

You are my spirit.

You are my soul.

You are beautiful.

You are empowered.

You are articulate.

You are fearless.

You are bold.

It all starts with one. And it starts with you, my daughter of valor – colossal queen of valued beauty.

It starts with you, Alicia.

You are titanium.



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