I Am Not Broken Because ‘Christianity’ Says I Am


Tonight, I was at my son, Zachary’s, spring musical, which is just a glorified way of saying “it was 35 minutes of cute second graders singing” and while it was a nice performance, something else stood out, not only to me, but to my three other children.  Continue reading


What I think when you say I haven’t really met Jesus

The Discerning Christian

buddy-christ Jesus approves of this post.

So I get it. You disagree with me about whether I’m a “true” Christian. All my philosophical views and liberal theology rub you the wrong way. I haven’t checked off all the right boxes on your list (infallibility of Scripture, Creationism, so-called “traditional” marriage, etc.). Thus, because I don’t fit inside your concept of what it is to be a Christian, I must never have had a “real” encounter with Jesus. It is then your God-given duty to come down from off your lofty perch to preach the good news of Jesus to me, an apparent godless heathen in disguise.

I’m going to have to stop you right there.

First off, it’s not as though I haven’t heard the gospel a million times. I’m sure atheists in Christian communities feel much the same as I do. Do you suppose that by preaching it to me…

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The Winding Path Of Unlearning

Photo Credit: Jim Palmer's Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Jim Palmer’s Facebook Page

She had shoulder-length dishwater blonde hair; a tangled mess of hopeless obedience and listening to the utter disdain in the verbal diarrhea that her “loved ones” spewed upon her. A mixture of spiritual, emotional, and mental abuse that she would take with persistent belief because, after all, why would any adult ever manipulate her inquisitive nature and force feed her a long-line of utter – for the lack of a better word – bullshit?  Continue reading

An Open Letter To My Daughter: You’re Beautiful, But Not For What You Think

Happy Birthday, Alicia. On this day, 10 years ago, I spent nearly a day in labor, on the verge of an emergency c-section, waiting on your arrival. Just like in your natural state, you finally decided to make your grand entrance; the moment I held your sweetness in my young arms, I saw a beauty that couldn’t be translated accurately in the English language. Continue reading