As a Christian, I AM SORRY….. (An Open Letter)


An open letter to all those that have endured repulsive hatred from those of “faith” in the name of God, I am so sorry. 

As a Christian, I AM SORRY for the narrow-minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative actions of those who denied rights and equality to so many IN THE NAME OF GOD.

I am sorry, that you have been denied a church experience because of their venom-filled maliciousness. Their ineptitude in truly understanding what the Christian GOD – my loving God – is all about.

I’m sorry for the lesbian couple I had the pleasure of meeting, S & E, as they were treated as third-class citizens in a “Holy” place just because their sexual orientation was different from self-proclaimed “men of God”. I am sorry, that they treated you like you were flesh-eating maggots.

I’m sorry you were ostracized.

I’m sorry you were denied further ministering opportunities because of your sexual orientation.

I’m sorry, that these men talked a good game, but lacked the compassion and love that Jesus asked all of us to apply to our lives, to actually follow through with both of you beautiful creatures.

S, I remember you coming up to Steven and I after a Friday night prayer session and telling us of your tough week. Your Multiple Sclerosis (MS) was flaring up terribly as you were wheelchair bound once again. You opened up in a way, a way that touched my heart and I felt tears welling up in my waterline. Steven and I were so very privileged, you allowed us to be apart of your life – and especially in trusting us enough…just enough…to tell us about your suicidal thoughts.

I remember I did what God laid on my heart and prayed for you right there and then. E grasped your olive-colored hands so tenderly and lovingly. Steven was touching your shoulders with spiritual authority and I prayed out loud.

I didn’t care who heard me. I didn’t care that “REAL Christian didn’t pray over the gays” I didn’t care that this would be a stepping stone into that terrible church with its heinous leaders ostracizing me and ultimately would lead me elsewhere.

I didn’t care though.

Those few months that I had with you, E & S, were some of the best months of my life. You may have told me, that I taught you so much, oh no, dear sisters, you taught me some enormous life lessons.

LOVE – The way that you, E, cared for S reminded me when I would wheelchair my father to and from doctor’s appointments. Even when no one else told you or didn’t understand, I knew what kind of loving soul that took. Thank you so much, for loving S, the way that you did and do.

STRENGTH – The inner and outer strength that you both possessed was phenomenal. It was brilliantly beautiful — a true work of Monet. I can’t imagine the pain you continue to endure, but it’s positively enhanced my life.

DIGNITY – In the face of adversity…in the eye of putrid hostility …. in the mush mouth of intolerable religion, you rose with dignity and grace. It was a blessing to share these moments with you.

And I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I left, but more than anything, I’m sorry for all the terrible things you have endured. I’m sorry for the hate that’s been catapulted your way “In the name of God”.

But I’m grateful that you were placed in my life and were fundamental in my spiritual development.

As a Christian and a person of FAITH, I am sorry for the narrow-minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative actions of those who denied rights and equality to so many IN THE NAME OF GOD.

I am sorry to those little children who learn differently or have been sexual, emotional, and physical victims by any person and especially by the hands of someone in an authoritative position in any church.

I’m sorry for the rebels of this world; I’m sorry that you have been deemed unworthy in the “name of God.”

I’m sorry for the all the beautiful, bold, and empowered women of this world who have been SILENCED by threatened, ghastly, detestable church leaders and their reprehensible actions.

I’m sorry that you’ve been looked as a sexual object. I’m sorry that you’ve been talked down to and been told to walk a heinous traipse of shame and silence just to attend a church.

I’m sorry for any individual that has felt the brunt of animosity from putrid individuals in the “name of God.”

As a Christian, I’m sorry I didn’t do more in my past to eradicate this.

Please forgive me.

But as a Christian, I am focused on eviscerating such disgusting individuals and their ungodly justification for their asinine behavior.

In the name of God.


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