Days 56-60: “Mom, So Is He Saying Homosexuality is Like Ham?”

The answer is “I have no idea why he compared homosexuality to a Muslim’s fridge, but I do know he is masking his own bigotries under a guise of free speech and “analysis”, Ken.”

Are you lost yet? Are you completely flummoxed?

Yesterday, I saw this dandy little article shared entitled, “Michael Sam And The Attach On Heterosexuality in Pro Sports” with this underneath it “The gay NFL player is finally a reality. But at who’s expense?” on my Facebook feed and despite my greater sense of ignoring some written by a bigoted ignoramus, I still clicked anyways.

That was my first misstep of my Monday morning.

It’s worth a mention, that I will not be linking to the article as I am one who does not want to give any more clicks/views to someone who is spouting such archaic filth.

Moving on, let’s give the writer in question the benefit of the doubt and hit on the highlights lowlights.

…the way the media has shamed people into having to act like being gay is something everyone proudly embraces has reverse discriminatory effects on heterosexual players.


You mean the way the media is covering a young man who made a courageous decision to come out as a gay athlete? You mean the way the media is setting a humanized standard for which there shouldn’t be one at all. Meaning, there shouldn’t be a standard when all should be given the same equal treatment, but that idea is lost in translation when this pseudo writer is trying to insinuate that heterosexual players will be discriminated against.

Oh, don’t worry it gets better.

today because he is gay and possibly taking jobs away from heterosexual males who may be fringe players but don’t have that extra “gay” trait which elevates normal men to icons now. (emphasis is mine)

“That extra gay trait” ……

Is it just me, or did it seem like he wanted to use the slur “faggot”…..

Moving on:

With the heterosexual male now being the “other” party in this celebration of Michael Sam’s announcement that gay males have officially infiltrated NFL locker room culture

Again, notice his tone is coming from a place of being uncomfortable with a homosexual player being in an NFL locker room. It seems as though the writer is trying to present the vast number of heterosexual professional players as the oppressed minority. As if it’s being the litany of heterosexuals who have been beaten – figuratively and literally – into submission. As if it’s been the woman-beating heterosexual NFL players that’s been too afraid to speak up = as if they are the ones being threatened by Fundamentalist Christians and other masked cowards on the internet.

Yup. Heterosexuals are so being discriminated against. Totally.

This huge push by media, government and other liberal entities to “normalize” homosexuality is not taking into account people’s religious and moral beliefs and how it may take some time for them to come to terms with Sam’s sexual orientations

Utter. Bullshit.

Bullshit that stinks of someone who is ultimately uncomfortable with having a gay man in the locker room.

Newsflash, heterosexual males: If the ladies aren’t checking for you, I can almost say with 100 percent assurance gay men aren’t checking for you.

Also, when did “liberalism” become mutually exclusive with treating one another with honesty, integrity, compassion, and respect? Honestly, if your

religion tells you to shame a gay person, your religion sucks or your interpretation of your religion sucks.

This is coming from a person who is a devout Christian and has a strong relationship with God and know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

But I will not sit back and allow someone to use religion to justify their bigotry.

“People’s moral beliefs” … Is the writer trying to go out of his way to loosely blanket his feelings of discomfort from homosexuals? Honestly, I really don’t give a rat’s behind about your moral compass if it results in denying LGBT persons the same rights that we hold dear.

Do we not talk about our heterosexual romances on social media? Share status updates of our significant other? Update our relationship status when we move a “level up” in the committed status quo? So, why would the expectation be any different for a gay athlete of notable circumstance?

That doesn’t mean players are going to outcast him, but if a Muslim allows you to put ham in his refrigerator, he’s already going against the grain. That’s what players who are staunchly against homosexuality are doing by dealing with Sam in a professional manner. Forcing the Muslim to eat the ham and threatening to destroy him if he doesn’t is a bit excessive. Tensions can arise. People generally don’t like being told what to do. That’s kind of how this focus on gay athletes feels to me.

This part is the line my son referenced in the title as he was genuinely confused by the lackluster comparison.

Yes, the writer compared homosexuality (in sports – or at least the NFL) to a Muslim’s fridge. Really, the whole piece is hundreds of misaligned words strung together that reek of asininity, bigotry, and fallible ignorance.

But this? This is the stupidest sh** I’ve read in 2014 – and I read a bunch of stupid sh** every day considering I’m a sucker for reading the dreadful posts from the religious right. He’s acting as if every NFL player is a.) ignorant (like him), b.) uncomfortable with homosexuals (like him), c.) is an undercover bigot (like him), and d.) and can’t discern between homosexuals in terms of work (this is their job) and play (this isn’t the National Flirting League) and again (like him).

Comparing homosexuality to a Muslim’s fridge is the worst analogy one could every use, not to mention, it doesn’t even make sense of the overall (awful) point this writer is attempting failing at conveying.

The more interesting situation will be when there are five guys in the locker room who are publically gay, and together, they can more comfortably express their sexuality.

What? Is he suggesting you get a group of homosexuals together – at their job, nonetheless – and they’re going to perform an oral orgy in front of everyone. Why is this writer depicting gays as a group that has no boundaries? No will? Just the same old “sex freaks” stereotype….

then this muzzling of the heterosexual male seems to be working.



This logic is awful.

Learned behavior is hard to change overnight, so pardon me if I give dudes a pass for their supposed “ignorance” when expressing truth about their feelings.

Did he really write this? “Hey, sorry homosexual athlete about the way they are harassing you. Oh, and sorry about your suicide attempt, but you know I give dudes a pass cuz they are only expressing their feelings.”

Give me a break, already.

before Sam put his bump-n-grind biz on front street.

All credibility from this fellow was lost way before this, but it’s really lost now.

The Clinton Administration’s “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell” military policy on gays which was ended in 2011, has morphed into the “Tell, Promote And Get Put On A Higher Pedestal Than Heterosexual Males,” philosophy of today.

Really? No words for this flippant attitude.

But are gay people now becoming the “untouchable race”?

In terms of ostracizing, discriminating their fair rights state-by-state, promoting hostile work environments, and perpetuating ill-fitted stereotypes? Sure.

Don’t worry this crap-a-thon is wrapped up with this sentence:

Sam’s the property of a platform and a payday, and to some, another castrating tool used to attack heterosexuality in sports.

I don’t know what’s worse: this writer’s inability to understand it isn’t Michael Sam’s job to make sure YOU ARE COMFORTABLE with his sexual orientation, the writer’s horrid job at acknowledging his own prejudice, or the fact he actually believes  – or addresses it that way – that heterosexuals are being discriminated in sports?

I briefly talked with my son about the article without allowing him to read the article and he was confused as most of us were in terms of what the writer’s intent was.

“So, he doesn’t like gays? Or he doesn’t like saying their gays?”

“I’m not sure. It seems they make him uncomfortable. What do you think?”

“I don’t think it’s worth writing about or talking about. Seems he’s mad about something. I don’t know, though.”

“You might be right, Ken, but I’ll still write about it I think.”

“It’s what you call, SPAM.”

SPAM is about right for that article strewn with hostility, bitterness, sexual orientation misconceptions, repugnance, and an ignorant abhorrence towards an event that should be admired an appreciated.

It seems his true point of a misguided article filled with softened blows of vitriol was that he’s upset the amount of press that Michael Sam and Collins is receiving. That can be understandable if it weren’t for the fact these are ground breaking events that will be written for our children in our sports history books. But that main point is lost in translation amid the muck and mire he penned in an attempt to make a valid point.

Except the writer he didn’t, but he did do something.

He did bring to the proverbial table that in 2014 stupid can still reign supreme in sports writing.

And stupid certainly was the dictator, president, senator, congressman, governor, mayor, husband, boyfriend, and lover in that abominable article – and I use article loosely.

The writer asked: “But at who’s expense?”

Answer: At our intellectual expense to read such drivel.


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