Days 46-50: I love you, Ellen Page

You have to forgive me for my inconsistent postings over the past 10 days as I have been bogged down with a terrible cold coupled with my laptop, Barkley, taking a crap and I sprained my right knee on Valentine’s Day.

So, yeah, it’s definitely seemed impossible trying to post something this week.

I have the most fortunate task to be married to a lovely man who  – I believe – has this rare ability to love everyone despite the atrocities that they may commit against themselves, God, and against our fellow-man.  He has this uncanny knack for not seeing labels, but just seeing people, just like Jesus Christ.

It’s something I think – not only as Christians – but as people we try to strive for. To reach that level of agape love, but then our flesh – and feelings – get in the way. I know I talk a better ‘love’ game than I can apply, because frankly, I get flipping pissed off at people – especially those that try to justify their actions in the “name of God – who perpetuate hate, maliciousness and straightforward ignorance.

But, Steven.

Man, Steven doesn’t see “black” or “white” nor does he see “gay” or “straight” he just sees us….it’s kinda hard at times when I go off on tangents about how sects of the Christian church propel their hate, intolerance, and judgements toward the LGBT community.

In theory, any individual coming out of the sexual orientation closet as a gay man or as a lesbian shouldn’t matter. Nope. Not at all. In a perfect world, Steven is right. “God doesn’t see them as gay,” he says, but unfortunately we live in an imperfect world where individuals are misguided minute-by-minute and justify their acts of intolerance by *their*  interpretations of the Bible.

In a perfect world, Steven would be right. It wouldn’t make headline news. NFL teams wouldn’t have to say, anonymously, that they won’t draft the Defensive Player of the Year because he came out, bravely I might add, as a homosexual. It wouldn’t matter to debate Russia as they perpetuate hate by having anti-gay legislature. It wouldn’t matter if another African country – riddled with Christian fundamentalist extremists – declare, they too, are putting forth anti-gay legislature. It wouldn’t matter that homosexuals are beat every day to a pulp for something God created them to be, but that same God is used as a way to justify their beatings.

In a perfect world…..

I commend my husband for he is a true visionary that one day will rock the Christian church, but unfortunately, his purism isn’t as common as I would imagine.

It’s why I become enthralled when another person of notable circumstance has the courage to come out of the confines of homosexual chains.

I celebrate with them because – even if you disagree with the way this society places value on celebrity – that one NFL draftee that came out to the world inspired hundreds, if not thousands, of young LGBT kids that they too can be anything that they dream to.

That this misplaced value on heterosexuality doesn’t condemn them to a life of secrecy, but a life just like any other life.

Then there’s Ellen Page – you know from Juno – that released this statement in Las Vegas:

“…tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission. I suffered for years because I was scared to be out. My spirit suffered, my mental health suffered, and my relationships suffered. And I’m standing here today, with all of you, on the other side of all that pain.”

I love you, Ellen Page.

I love that you finally came out in a fantastic way.

I love you, Ellen Page.

I love that you explained the mental, emotional, and social anguish it took to be silent.

I love you, Ellen Page.

You are a bright force in this dark world and I love that you put it all out there.

I love you, Ellen Page.

I can only imagine how many stricken souls this will positively affect and give them a hope that, perhaps, had dulled their own light.

I love you, Ellen Page, I love you.



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