Days 39-42 – Athiests: God’s Quality Control Department

The definition of ‘quality control’ is a procedural system of maintaining standards in a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria that meets the requirements as set forth by the client, customer, and/or creator.

Atheists are God’s quality control department.

“A procedural system of maintaining standards” is completely synonymous of Atheism if we are isolating Christianity and the estimated of 2.18 BILLION practicing Christians in the entire world. Adversely, estimates of 7.8 to 10 percent of the world’s population are Atheists or Agnostic. It’s completely safe to say, that based on the first part of the definition of ‘quality control’ those words are a custom fit for Atheism/Agnosticism.

I understand that Christians – even those that identify with being more progressive than conservative – have a misconception of Atheism. “Look at those Devil Worshiper’s.” “They will burn in hell.” “I wish all Atheists would die.”

Okay. First off, Atheists don’t believe in Satan nor God…so those statements are 1.) asinine, 2.) ignorant, and 3.) show that God’s quality control department is finding some misalignment in His creations.

Don’t get me wrong, most of us – and by us, I mean those using the internet – get exposed with egregious personalities that are the absolute WORST representation of any religion, socioeconomic class, frankly, any group. My advice from my varied exposure to all kinds of different folks is not to base any opinion from someone making an asinine comment on social media, in the comment section on a blog and/or website.
Every, and I mean every, religion has some half-ass loud mouth who spouts intolerant atrocities to our fellow man — don’t judge an entire religion or group of people on that specific asininity.

Intolerance doesn’t know religion. Intolerance doesn’t know sexual orientation. Intolerance doesn’t just stick to one specific group, but rather, infiltrates those that aren’t willing to give respect, even though they demand to receive it.

Still, Atheists are God’s quality control department.

If the most vile Atheists put the fundamental Christian principles to test. And what’s that?

Love your neighbor like yourself.

“…in a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set  of quality criteria that meets the requirements” God – even if they don’t believe it, created them to test His other children to see if they will meet the quality standards set forth by God. Although, Christians seem to get stuck and focused on Levitical law (you know, the Old Testment that calls homosexuality an “abomination” as well as eating shell fish and other irrelevant items) and lose focus of God’s true intent with His creation.

What’s that?

It’s in my opinion, that God desired to lavish His children so strongly, that He gave us free will – making our own decisions – and wanted to see what we were going to do with it. Would we listen to Jesus Christ? Or would we fall victims to ourselves? Would we – or could we – love someone who said God does not exist as much as we loved our Jesus? Could it be possible?

Of course we can as in we have the ability to love everyone, but it seems to be traditional human nature to be nonsensical, deliberate in being malicious to something that makes us uncomfortable.

Yes, God’s quality control department makes Christians – or anyone that believes in a higher being – uncomfortable. After all, it questions your faith or lack-of, mocks something you believe in, and instantaneously you squirm in your seat as you hurdle hateful comments.

So much for getting past quality control, eh?

I have family members that are Atheists as well as close writing friends that believe in Atheism as well. In particular, is an Atheist who I came to know when I was covering the NBA/Denver Nuggets when I openly discussed recommitting my life to Jesus Christ and he was shocked. He thought I was an Atheist myself and over several months he saw a transformation; we’ve talked religion a boatload of times through e-mails and he’s never been hateful, vengeful, malicious and respects my beliefs and vice versa.

Through our communications, we both admit both of our religions have horrid and boisterous mouth pieces that give the tolerant practitioners a tougher time to shrug off a misplaced stereotype. However, without a doubt, he has been one of my biggest supporters of my “journey” despite the fact he doesn’t believe in a higher deity.

I’ve had the misfortunes of being ridiculed by “Christians” during my spiritual journey – being ostracized, shamed, and emotionally abused, but an Atheist has been a constant source of support, wisdom, and love.

So, yeah, Atheists are God’s quality control department

and they’re just like you and me – as is any person of any specified group.

We all bleed blood…we all love…we all dislike…we all have some sort of selfish desires…

But at the end of the day, can you love someone who intends to disprove your God? That, perhaps, criticizes you? That mocks your publicly?

I hope the answer is yes.

After all, a child of God is a child of God.



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