Days 56-60: “Mom, So Is He Saying Homosexuality is Like Ham?”

The answer is “I have no idea why he compared homosexuality to a Muslim’s fridge, but I do know he is masking his own bigotries under a guise of free speech and “analysis”, Ken.” Continue reading


Days 51-55: I Was Raped, But I’m Not A Victim

Being honest in a public forum such as this not only allows me to be vulnerable, but it also has freed my spirit in such a way that I feel like I am Fred Astaire and I am dancing on this luscious thin air. In the process, of documenting my pains, struggles, and personal triumphs, I’ve discovered this greater side to humanity and even when I think it disappoints me, it comes back to give me a soothing cradle to my soul and surprises me. Continue reading

Days 46-50: I love you, Ellen Page

You have to forgive me for my inconsistent postings over the past 10 days as I have been bogged down with a terrible cold coupled with my laptop, Barkley, taking a crap and I sprained my right knee on Valentine’s Day. Continue reading


Days 39-42 – Athiests: God’s Quality Control Department

The definition of ‘quality control’ is a procedural system of maintaining standards in a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria that meets the requirements as set forth by the client, customer, and/or creator. Continue reading


Days 35-39: The Completion of 30 Days Without Beautification

“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.”  – Roger Crawford 

You may remember that 30 days ago, I talked about doing a month-long challenge of not wearing cosmetics, using a flat iron, and, shoot, not even grooming my eyebrows.  Continue reading