Days 28-31 – Dear Christians, Stop Gay Bashing My Son

Dear LGBT Community,

Please forgive my misguided, arrogant, prideful, and ignorant Christian brethren for their selfish narratives of something that isn’t indicative of God’s love. Please understand and know that not all people who believe in the inerrant word of God also perpetuate this asinine belief that God hates homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgenders.

It’s hurtful to see such an absurd, conservative, and misunderstood narratives still being uttered by the lips of the same people who confess they are still following Jesus.

It’s appalling.

And disgusting.

And vile.

For the mere six puny times the word ‘homosexuality’ is mentioned in scripture, there seems to be a ginormous misplaced fixation – and at times, it seems like the only “sin” in the Bible – that takes away from the overwhelming theme of the Bible and especially from the New Testament, the bodaciously awesome Jesus Christ, His crucifixion and resurrection. Not to mention, many notable pastors, ministers, and theologians believe the word “homosexuality” is misused, taken out of context, and is exploiting the infallible word of God.

I implore of you, LGBT brethren, please forgive them and keep on being the beautifully awesome individuals God has created you to be.

I’ve long been a progressive religious and spiritual thinker among the throngs of robotic conservative believers. I have often tested the spirits and found my own spirit shaking its head in disgust as my heart felt heavy from their malice, motive, and malevolence.

For the longest time, I’ve struggled with how my Christian Brethren can praise Jesus with such a beautiful worship service, but in a few short breaths are proclaiming that my LGBT brethren are doomed to a lake of fire.

Over six little scriptures? Over something Jesus NEVER spoke of? Over something that doesn’t speak of God’s love? Over something that is as hateful as Satan himself?

I never understood it, and I still don’t.

Newsflash: In my lowly opinion, homosexuality is NOT a sin.

Nope, it’s not.


Because if loving the same sex is a sin, they why isn’t heterosexuality be a sin?

Oh, you mean because God created Adam and Eve as opposed to Adam and Steve?

But here’s the thing, God did CREATE Adam and Steve.

Because, one’s sexuality is not a choice, it’s the way God designed us to be.

I like the opposite sex.

I didn’t make a choice, that’s what I was naturally attracted to, but still, some Christians – as well as erroneous Churches – thrust this idea that homosexuals made the choice to like the same sex. Because, you know, they LOVE being ridiculed, tormented, not being able to have the same marriage rights (in most states) that a heterosexual has coupled with the fact they  just ADORE being bullied, ostracized, and  the overall treatment of  a second class citizen in God’s church.

Writing that last sentence out automatically made me queezy as if I just saw another duck face selfie on Facebook.

You can nearly find scripture to support any belief – reasonable and unreasonable. In our attempts to spread the Good News, we’re also doing a great disservice to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, by acting like a bunch of school yard bullies that want to pigeonhole anyone – and I do mean anyone – that threatens us in a way we can’t comprehend. 

Just as I mentioned earlier, we – as argumentative beings – like to pick and choose literature, scripture, studies, etc to support our own way of thinking. We want to point fingers quicker than we want to see the mirror God is shining on ourselves. We want to judge, rather than being judged. We want to criticize someone else’s sins, before we recognize our own debaucheries.

And we are wrong for it.


And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” – John 8:7

Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? – Matthew 7:3

Not to mention, I am SICK AND TIRED of local, state, and federal governments decided who can and who can not legally marry. I am flummoxed at the audacity of government officials at twisting God’s word to fit their (awful) narratives and restricting rights of fellow human beings who just happen to love the same sex and yes, I am talking to you, Indiana. The fact that you, INDIANA, runs through my blood and heritage makes me sick to the point of wanting to binge and purge every Indiana breath of life that I have within me. 


I am tired of worrying about how the world will treat Kenneth, 13, when he makes his decision concerning his sexuality. Oh, you didn’t know? My son is intelligent beyond his years, articulate, compassionate, and applies more of God’s Word than many leaders of churches across this great nation.

He came to me this past year and opened up about his sexuality – which was not a surprise to me, you know, mother’s know best 🙂 – and discussed his confusion concerning his sexuality.

It doesn’t matter to me. Gay. Straight. Bi.

He is still Kenneth Sebastien to me.

I, along with his father, will love him regardless of who he is attracted to, but more importantly, God loves him relentlessly.  It doesn’t matter to God; God already knew before Kenneth acknowledged the truth that was instilled within him.

“Kenneth, are you afraid to tell people?”


“You know God loves you regardless, right? That it doesn’t matter what other people say about you, you are a beautiful creation in God’s eye and perhaps even more so because you understand and reflect on your honesty.”

“Yes. Homosexuality is not a choice. This is how God made me.”

His innocent faith is how I wish everyone was — that people weren’t brainwashed by maligned Christians who contort God’s love and abuse it like a bitter lover.

Somehow, when talking with Kenneth…the way he leans on my shoulder during one of Pastor Rick’s sermons, I feel even closer to God. It sounds strange, I’m sure, but Kenneth’s heart is so beautiful, lovely, that I pray – and wish – its never tainted by the viciousness that is in this world.

Even when bullies call him a “faggot” he holds his head up higher, his shoulders squared a bit more, and he says “I pity them for talking to someone in that way. That’s not God’s love.”

Kids say the darnedest things, huh?

I can’t imagine the bravery and heroism that it took him to be honest – not to me – but to the way he was designed by God. Yes, children should always feel safe around their family especially their parent, but we know that even parents are so brainwashed by fallacy that they turn their own back on their beautiful children to further persecute something that  – again – is mentioned a lowly six times. In the process, they are forgetting to follow Jesus. Forgetting to follow the non-judgmental ways that he called us for; forgetting to follow the love that God instilled within us; forgetting to follow Jesus’ teachings as he was the first progress revolutionary that hung out with the ostracized and persecutors: crooks, whores, tax collectors, lepers, and *GASP* women.

Justifying on perpetuating hate on someone based on what gender they are intimate with by six wee little scriptural translations doesn’t speak on the implied “sin” but rather speaks volumes on how much one isn’t following the marvelous Jesus. Isn’t adhering to his declarations of LOVING everything, everyone, and especially your enemies, the persecuted and the unloved more important?

Unconditional love.

God loves us regardless of how we treat others and treat ourselves, but I ask that we really reflect on God’s love. Reflect if our actions are indicative of being a Jesus Christ follower, or does the opposite ring true.

If you met my son, I can tell you, you’d see that he’s going through this awkward teen angst stage, but more importantly, when I’m sad, he comforts me. When I need help, he’s there to give me a hand – maybe not when doing dishes. When I need a reminder of what this life means, he is this gorgeous physical memento. When I think my personal struggles are so awful, I observe him…it puts everything in perspective. He feels the taunts and words from people of MY FAITH who catapult verbal swords of “you’re an abomination” “SINNER” “You will be cast into a lake of fire”, but here’s the part I haven’t fully comprehended….

He takes on the judgmental insults from depraved ignoramuses as if it’s merely a few rain droplets as he swats it from his vision that is so focused unto what’s in front of him. He never allows the negative abuse to be absorbed into his spirit and that’s something I envy about my son; something I wish I could do, but nevertheless, it’s amazing to see him grow and become more confident in himself as God created him to be – and I know all parents say this – a game changer.

Kenneth’s light outshines any darkness launched his way and it’s inspirational.

I have no clue if Kenneth will ever decide if he likes one sex over the other, heck, he may decide he likes both, and whatever he decides is the decision our Heavenly Father birthed him with.

I love Kenneth so incredibly much and the most vital thing I want for him – and any of my children – is to acknowledge and tap into the happiness that God desires for them and us.

It’s as simple as just loving one another – and sharing that love that Jesus Christ bestowed unto all of us…as unworthy as we all are and we ALL ARE unworthy of that love.

I don’t know how end this post.

Other than, God loves you, Kenneth.

God loves you, other sexually confused children of this world.

God loves you 20-year-old woman who is afraid to tell her mother.

God loves you, transgender teen.

God loves you, 17-year-old boy in the midwest who just came out to his parents.

God loves all of you, and I hope you realize you are NOT the problem – you are never the problem nor will you ever be the problem – but the problem is them – the defunct, ignorant fundamentalist Christians.

So do the impossible, which should be the possible, and love like Jesus today.

After all, love IS love:


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