365 Days of Impossible: Days 4-5 – Who is YOUR God?

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“Who is your God,” an atheist asks a believer in a calm, rational voice

“Who is my God? Well, he is the one and only breathing God.”  replies a Christian in a matter of fact voice.

“I get that. But replace ‘God’ with your wife or maybe your mother. How would you describe them? Their personality traits or what they are like. So, who is YOUR God.” 

A few moments pass as the Christian pulls together his thoughts, and in a softened tone he states, “Well, my God is beautiful and loves without expectation. He loves those that throw stones at Him, well especially, those that throw stones at Him. He gives mercy when we don’t deserve it. He is perfect peace. He is love. He’s everything that is right in this world. He’s more than I can ever imagine. He doesn’t ostracize based on our race or socio-economic status or creed or gender…”

“If that is your description of your God, why do you not love the same way? Show mercy the same way? Are you not his creation that you abuse God by misusing His holiness to satisfy your wants, desires, and motives.” At a drop of the hat, the atheist disappears.

And the man? The man is left with God breathing into his ear, the Holy Spirit gnawing at his heart, but squelches both by being prideful to only see what he sees.

Doesn’t that sum parts of Christianity or any religion for that matter? That there is this contortion of His Word to FIT their glorification?

I have observed it. I have felt it. I have lived it.

I was raised in Indiana which was riddled with conservative Christians, whom have very traditional values – which, by the way, there is nothing wrong with – but it’s the fact they are quick to admonish one particular sin, while turning a blind eye, and a closed fist, to a litany of other sins.

You know, the one sin that seems to catch everyone’s attention. The one sin that everyone has an opinion on. The one sin that gets believers’ panties in a bunch as they start throwing stones and casting judgements. 


Homosexuality – through translations – is mentioned a handful times throughout the Bible; mostly often from the books of Levitcus 18:22 and Levitcus 20:13.

And thus Christians – 0n every level – have made blanket statements based on these handful of scriptures. It’s the cool thing to do, you know, condemn homosexuals because of the aforementioned scripture.

Wait, what is that you say? We’re not suppose to condemn nor judge unless we are to be judged?


There’s so many SINS we – as believers in the Jesus Christ – commit, that it seems ironic we point fingers at a “sin” that was mentioned only a few times. What about pointing fingers at those that eat shellfish? It is a sin after all, right?

What about pointing fingers at gossipers? Slanderers? It is a sin after all, right?

What about pointing fingers and condemning sloths? Or gluttons?

Heck, I devoured fresh bananas and chocolate sauce last night. It was delicious and I didn’t give a second thought that I was committing gluttony. OOPS! You better picket my house, yell obscenities, and tell me I’m going straight to hell, right?

Honestly, being a glutton is pretty much a daily lifestyle for many in Western Civilizations, but where are the “Say No to More Ho-Ho’s” picket lines outside of our houses?

You can nearly find scripture to support any belief – reasonable and unreasonable. In our attempts to spread the Good News, we’re also doing a great disservice to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, by acting like a bunch of school yard bullies that want to pigeonhole anyone – and I do mean anyone – that threatens us in a way we can’t comprehend. 

Please, side-step the “Love the sinner, not the sin” because honestly, that’s a lazy excuse to justify our judgments and incredulous – not to mention, shameful and embarrassing – behaviors. Behaviors that contradict the New Testament’s overall theme about love….which is mentioned over 500 times in the NIV.

What about being merciful (mercy is referenced over 100 times)? And Grace (grace is mentioned over 12o times)?

Shouldn’t those beautiful, magnificent, and wonderful subjects be more of an importance of God’s message than homosexuality?

So why do so many Christians focus on the so-called “clobber verses” related to homosexuality while ignoring “clobber verses” related to gluttony or greed, head coverings or divorce?  Why is homosexuality the great biblical debate of this decade and not slavery, (as it once was) or the increasing problem of materialism and inequity? Why do so many advocate making gay marriage illegal but not divorce, when Jesus never referenced the former but spoke quite negatively about the latter?

Just as I mentioned earlier, we – as argumentative beings – like to pick and choose literature, scripture, studies, etc to support our own way of thinking. We want to point fingers quicker than we want to see the mirror God is shining on ourselves. We want to judge, rather than being judged. We want to criticize someone else’s sins, before we recognize our own debaucheries.

And we are wrong for it.


And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” – John 8:7

Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? – Matthew 7:3

At one point of time, I was the worst hypocrite. Speaking the Truth, condemning and pointing fingers, but never analyzed myself. Relatively speaking, we’re hypocrites regularly, but in this context, I’m talking about being a HYPOCRITE! Saying one thing…ministering to brethern…telling others what THEY should do in a haughty manner…being judgmental in a passive-aggressive manner whilst we are drinking our pain away, whore mongering our nights away, and slandering our weekends away.

In that, I’m doing the impossible and looking at myself when I judge others. It’s hard to eradicate something when you justify it. In all honesty, we judge. A lot. As I write this, I’m judging judgmental Christians. I’m judging those, in my opinion, that aren’t allowing God into every part of their lives. I’m judging when someone gives me a weird glance at the grocery store along with a slew of other choice words. We’re constantly judging, but this year….but this year, I’m making a concentrated effort to fill my mind, body, and soul with positive blessings, and not being weighed down by dismal acts of selfishness.

I’m just a sinner. You’re just a sinner. We’re all just sinners.

With that being said, as soon as we PRETEND we know everything about God, is the moment we know absolutely NOTHING. 

As soon as we understand we know NOTHING about God, we know everything. 

So who is YOUR God?

My God is beautiful, merciful, loving, prudent, shows unrelenting grace, and he is every positive emotion that we can ever possibly experience.

My GOD wants the best for humanity and doesn’t want His children to fight His other children to justify their own personal wants, desires, and motives.

My God wants His children to love the unlovable, listen to the down trodden, and to help the searching. 

Homosexual. Heterosexual.

Gluttony. Greed.

Lies. Deceit.

Bitterness. Anger.

Pride. Boastfulness.

Arrogance. Absolutism.

Death. Betrayal.

Those are words that we use to label others, but God doesn’t see that.

God just sees us – good, bad, and ugly.

That’s my God.



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