365 Days of Impossible: Day 1 – Eating Clean

It was a quiet New Year’s Day for myself and my family; I spent much of the day reflecting on the past year with a warm heart, bright outlook on the upcoming year, and with a joyous positivity I haven’t remembered ever having.

This week, the biggest “impossibility” I will have before me is that of saying good-bye to toxic relationships and many of those are people who I not only grew up with, but are blood-relatives. Needless to say, it’s something that is imperative for optimal mental health and stability. Toxic relationships – on any level – should be treated like a band-aid….just rip it off.

More about this later in the week, but something else I alluded to was making 2014 a healthier year from all aspects of my life, which includes EATING CLEAN AND GETTING MEAN!! 

This picture summarizes my first day of doing so:

The uninvited pizza guest who just wanted to stare you down every time you had a slice.

Photo Credit: http://imgur.com/gallery/3NdpDwH

Maybe I wasn’t salivating over greasy pizza, but I was missing some comfort food.

Day 1 is in the books, folks.


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